Real-Time Phishing URL Scanner

Enter a URL and see if it hosts phishing or other online scams.

Don’t be a victim of suspicious or dangerous websites. Use the Checkphish URL scanner to detect malicious websites, fraud, phishing, counterfeiting, and other online scams in real-time—real-time anti-phishing solutions you can trust.

1 Billion+ URLs scanned

We scan billions of URLs to protect you and your customers from possible phishing website attacks

101+ of Fortune 500

companies used CheckPhish for threat detection and protection against phishing attacks

1000+ Brands Monitored

We monitor sites daily to give you a safe browsing experience

50000+ Phishing kits analyzed

Phishing kits analyzed for your detection and web protection

The Checkphish anti-phishing URL scanner keeps up to date with the evolving and advancing phishing websites without relying on blacklists.

Phishing protection starts with detection – Sign up today

This FREE anti-phishing service helps you detect potentially malicious websites

While the URL scanner is not virus protection, it is a massive information center that gives you the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your clients with accurate information about advanced threats and phishing defense in real-time.

No software to download!

A free web service that gives an extra layer of security when you need it. The URL scanner and anti-phishing API works well with other applications. Stay ahead of the phishing game with artificial intelligence on your side. If you suspect a website is phishing, just enter the URL, and you will get your answer with instant results.

Stop malicious sites in their tracks with Multiple Anti-phishing Bulk URL Scanner

It does not matter if you have one URL query or thousands; we have a real-time anti-phishing solution for you. Try out our bulk URL scanner to keep your clients protected in real-time – zero-day.

When you have more than one URL that you need to scan, we can give you real-time protection.

The best way to stop link abuse from malicious websites is to detect where they start. Add real-time artificial intelligence detection capabilities that can take down a malicious site before it strikes. Scan millions of links across messaging apps, email, files and data documents, and much more.

Checkphish’s Anti-phishing APIs have less than 1 in 100,000 False Positives with zero-day phishing protection and detection.

Built for your team and backed by our excellent support from our security team. We never leave you in the dark for malicious threats.

When you have questions about particular phishing , we have answers from our highly trained U.S. security protection specialists. We take care of the hard work so that you can focus on your business. Checkphish provides you scalable security solutions for phishing prevention. There are many types of phishing and threat intelligence - don't let an attacker leave you compromised - try it today