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CheckPhish is a URL scanner that detects zero-day threats faster and more accurately than any other service out there. CheckPhish doesn't rely on reactive approaches like blacklists for detection. Instead, it uses deep learning to analyze image and natural language content of a website to perform detection in realtime.

CheckPhish uses multiple deep learning models under-the-hood to analyze the content of a website. This primarily involves image object detection to identify brand logos, trademarks etc. and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand intent of a website. Since CheckPhish analyzes content of a site in real-time, it has much higher accuracy compared to reactive approaches like blacklists or URL/Domain/IP heuristics etc.

CheckPhish is built by ex-team from Cisco Talos group, Symantec (Norton Core Engine group) and McAfee’s Future Innovation Group. The team has combined experience of over 40 years in cybersecurity and machine learning. Our primary motivation in building CheckPhish was to create a realtime detection engine vs. constantly relying on blacklists and other reactive techniques. For more details on the team, please visit Bolster.

CheckPhish detects the following threats in realtime:
1. Zero-Day Phishing
2. Tech Support Scams
3. Gift Card Scams
4. Survey Scams
5. Adult Websites
6. Drug Pharmacy (Drug Spam) Websites
7. Illegal/Rogue Streaming Sites
8. Gambling Websites
9. Hacked Websites
10. Cryptojacking / Cryptomining


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Submit the phishing page on lookup for scan. Once you see results from the scan, you can choose to report by clicking on the "Dispute verdict" link and submitting relevant feedback in the subsequent page.

Submit the link in question at for scan. Once you see results from the scan, you can click on "Dispute verdict" and submit the link as "Clean". Our team will review it and if found benign, we'll mark it clean.