Getting started
Bulk Scan Tool


Let's get started with CheckPhish APIs

CheckPhish API can detect following scams and categories in real-time.

  • Zero-Day Phishing
  • Tech Support Scams
  • Gift Card Scams
  • Survey Scams
  • Adult Websites
  • Drug Pharmacy (Drug Spam) Websites
  • Illegal/Rogue Streaming Sites
  • Gambling Websites
  • Hacked Websites
  • Cryptojacking / Cryptomining
We also support custom integrations and detection of other categories that are not listed above. Please contact us for more details

Request Your Free API Key

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How to Use APIs

1. Submit URL for Scan Requests to /neo/scan/ endpoint
                    curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -d  '{"apiKey": "1f207653ec034ab9f04fbdd8e09fa7879205b4c85addeaa299da326167cc00a1", "urlInfo": {"url": ""}}'
scan request will return job id and timestamp in JSON format
2. Next step is to get API results by query /neo/scan/status endpoint by using Job ID and API Key
                    curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"apiKey": "1f207653ec034ab9f04fbdd8e09fa7879205b4c85addeaa299da326167cc00a1", "jobID": "ca1b827b-1f14-4e74-a242-ed17cc1808b0"}'
results will be returned back in JSON format