Getting started
Bulk Scan Tool


Bulk Lookup tool help you to easily lookup multiple urls at a time.


  1. Make sure you have python requests is installed.
       pip install requests  
  2. Now clone or download the github repository
       git clone  
    Alternatively, you can download python client code as following
                                  wget && unzip


                    python src/ -h
    usage: [-h] -f FILE

 usage: [-h] -k KEY -f FILE

 required arguments:
      -k KEY, --key KEY     provide your api key
      -f FILE, --file FILE  file containing urls

 optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Run client

now provide your API KEY and file with urls to scan to the client. Each url needs to be in a new line.

                    cd neo/src/
python  -k < YOUR_API_KEY >  -f "urls_to_scan.txt"



Results will be saved in 4 different files in the same directory

                      phish.txt - all the urls that have been identified as phish
                      clean.txt - all the urls that have been identified as clean
                      suspicious.txt - all the urls that have been identified as suspiciouspendi
                      pending.txt - all the urls that still being processed. Please query these urls again.

A results summary will also be printed. Sample summary would look something like
                       ================ SAVING RESULTS ===========================

                        phish urls saved to file:       /home/john/projects/neo_client/pending.txt
                        phish urls saved to file:       /home/john/projects/neo_client/phish.txt
                        clean urls saved to file:       /home/john/projects/neo_client/clean.txt
                        suspicious urls saved to file:  /home/john/projects/neo_client/suspicious.txt

                        ================ SCAN SUMMARY ===========================

                        Total Urls submitted:     175
                        Processing completed:     175
                        Processing pending:       0
                        Total phishing urls:      132
                        Total suspicious urls:    9
                        Total clean urls:         34