Automate Your Phishing Detection & Response with Real-Time Detection

No more manual work around your phishing detection and response. Our easy-to-integrate APIs will work with your favorite tools including SOAR, SIEM, Email, and various other platforms. Our AI-based technology provides comprehensive email security by detecting phishing emails and phishing websites in real-time - providing you and your team cyber security and a safe browsing environment.
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One place for all your phishing protection and detection needs

Sometimes multi-factor authentication is not enough. Our AI and machine learning engine detects more than 14 different types of scams across all top-level domains, including phishing, tech-support scams, counterfeiting, email phishing, and many more. We can also add detection for new phishing threats based on your requirements.
Stop Phishing Threats
Stop theft of credentials and sensitive information from your organization. Stop phishing attacks in their tracks with real-time threat detection from CheckPhish. Bolster email security by fighting malicious emails, threats, and business email compromise.
Tech Support Phishing Scams
Prevent users from falling for fake and malicious tech-support sites targeted to steal money and sensitive information through phishing emails and other phishing sites. Protect your employees from malicious emails and unsafe web browsers.
Counterfeit Phishing Sites
Brand monitor: Continuously scanning thousands of brands across 1500+ top-level domains in real-time to detect and safeguard against the malicious use of your brand. Prevent direct loss to your revenue through sites selling a counterfeit version of your products. CheckPhish provides you comprehensive phishing defense.
Other Phishing Threats
Detect and block other unwanted phishing sites like fake pharmacy, gambling, cryptojacking, adult websites, and phishing emails. A valuable asset for your security teams.
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Anti-phishing APIs that work seamlessly for your organization

Our fast , simple, highly accurate, and scalable anti-phishing APIs plug into your existing environment with minimal work and get you up and running in no time.
Data Privacy
Your data privacy is important to us. We do not share or sell URLs and data scanned via APIs with anyone.
Highly Scalable
Whether your queries are in thousands or millions per day, we've got you covered. Our machine learning threat detection scales effortlessly.
Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime
Our server network never goes down.
Easy to Integrate
With just two API queries and results in industry standard formats, our anti-phishing APIs will get you up and running in no time.