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BEC (Business Email Compromise) Scams

Business Email Compromise (/BEC) scams target organisations/ companies. The attackers study an organisation, its employees and financial transaction methods before selecting a victim of their attack.…


Extortion Scams

An extortion scam involves an attacker sending an email claiming that they possess private or confidential information related to the victim and will release the information to the public if a payment is not made to their account…


Fake Shopping Websites

A fake shopping site tries to misguide its users into thinking that it is a legitimate part of the brand they want to buy from.…


Gift Card Scams

Do not open links that claim to be offering coupons unless they belong to the original vendor. For example if you get a message that reads 'Walmart disocunt coupon' from https[.]/www[.]walmtar[.]com, it means that the coupon is hosted on a domain named 'walmtar' which is not associated with Walmart.…


Fox In The Hen House - A Phishing Tale for Kids

Phishing is when someone disguises themselves as someone you can trust…

tech support scams

Tech Support Scams

Be suspicious of unexpected calls from tech- support specialists, pop-up windows on your computer, or advertisements informing you that your computer is at risk. People all over the world fall victim to tech support scams every day…