A fake shopping site tries to misguide its users into thinking that it is a legitimate part of the brand they want to buy from. For example, RedMarlin's AI engine flagged the below website which was posing Walmart. They use the logo, website design pattern and text of the original brand to trick the users. They try to make the user act first and think later by giving them steep discounts that are not generally available in the original one. For example, you will start receiving a pop up on the website claiming the new iPhone-X is available on their website for $499. You usually come across such a page via a URL in the email or incorrect domain entry in the adress bar of your browser.There are several ways to spot a fake shopping page and below the most obvious ones:

99% off!

If you get an email with words like flash sale, urgent, imeddiate sale for a day, etc. do not go through the link and make a purchase. If they are offering discounts that are too good to believe, take a step back and think about it first. Try visiting the original website through google and check if there is a sale going on. You can protect yourself from such a scam by just taking a moment or two to think about them. Ask yourself - 'Why would anyone give me the product for a such a low price?'. Recently, analysts have uncovered that money from fake shopping Sites and fake goods is used to fund terrorist organizations.


A few of these websites have names that are similar to the original brand. This can confuse the user into thinking thats the site belongs to the brand. For example, if someone spins up a website name 'walmartfreegifts.com' , it does not belong to Walmart. Verify the authenticity of these domains through Checkphish.ai. A few of them donot have any similarity to the products they are claiming to sell. These websites are easy to spot and avoid. If you doubt the authenticity of site, we advise you to

  1. Use Checkphish.ai
  2. A simple google search on the domain name

Pay via Bitcoin

Red flag! No reputed brand will ask you not to pay via a debit/ credit card. Only fake website organisers/ fraudsters allow the payment to happen only through bitcoin or wire transfer. They do it in order to avoid being traced.

Advice to shoppers

  1. Do not fall for steep discounts on shady sites. Think twice before making the purchase
  2. Always scan suspicious URLs through Checkphish.ai
  3. Google the name of the site. Read the reviews and other articles regarding teh sale.
  4. Fake sites can have 'HTTPS' certificate associated with them. HTTPS does not mean original.
  5. Check for the return policy.
  6. Check for the contact information and physical address.