Jason Alafgani
Director of Marketing - Bolster
Remote Workers are Vulnerable to COVID-19 Phishing Attacks
With thousands upon thousands of workers now learning to navigate a work-at-home setup, remote work software like Skype, Slack, Zoom, and WebEx have become gateways into users’ computers for phishing attacks. The longer
Phishing Attacks and Brand Monitoring
Brand monitoring is essential to safeguard your brand against phishing attacks and scams. Learn how you can spot an attack before it happens.
Frequently Asked Questions About Types of Phishing
Have you suddenly been locked out of your email or bank account? Is activity going on that you don’t remember initiating? If so, you may have been the victim of a phishing
Coronavirus Phishing Scams Increase as the Pandemic Continues
Online criminals and scammers miss no opportunity to take full advantage of the vulnerability of any situation. Today, it is no different during the Coronavirus pandemic. Phishing Scams are on the rise during
NEW RESEARCH: Phishing Sites Spike 235% During the COVID-19 Pandemic | CheckPhish
Bolster Platform and submissions to CheckPhish URL scanner have revealed a huge spike in phishing sites as the COVID-19 pandemic creates a larger remote workforce.
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