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Fortnite 'Free V-Bucks' Scams
fortnite vbucks scams
In this blog post, we will look at how scammers take advantage of the 'V-Bucks' frenzy and setup scam pages to lure players into revealing their sensitive information (sometimes credit card information). I will also discuss and explain in detail each stage of the scam.
Online Scam Predictions: 2020
Online counterfeiting has always been on the rise. We have seen scammers come up with a variety of scams that can potentially attract the online crowd. From shopping brands like Nike, Adidas, and Rayban to e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay are impacted by online fraudsters.
Beware of these Black Friday Scams
black friday
Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are nearly here! So are the scammers. They will try to trick into shelling cash on items that you will never receive or on the gift cards that never existed.
Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scams
What is a Business Email Compromise? Business email compromise attacks or also known as BEC fraud, is an internet crime that uses email to carry out criminal tactics such as invoice scams, spear
Extortion Scams
An extortion scam involves an attacker sending an email claiming that they possess private or confidential information related to the victim and will release the information to the public if a payment is not made to their account
Fake Shopping Websites
A fake shopping site tries to misguide its users into thinking that it is a legitimate part of the brand they want to buy from.
Gift Card Scams
Gift card scams are increasing in popularity. Learn how you can protect yourself from gift card scams by using CheckPhish URL checker to see if it is legit or a phishing site.
Fox In The Hen House - A Phishing Tale for Kids
Phishing is when someone disguises themselves as someone you can trust
Tech Support Scams
tech support scams
Be suspicious of unexpected calls from tech- support specialists, pop-up windows on your computer, or advertisements informing you that your computer is at risk. People all over the world fall victim to tech support scams every day
Phishing Attack
There are many different types of phishing schemes to lure you into divulging information. Recognize a phishing attack before it happens.
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