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Real-Time Phishing Detection

CheckPhish is a free url scanner to detect phishing and fraudulent sites in real-time

Scan a URL detect phishing, fraudulent and scam sites.

1 Billion+ URLs scanned

for phishing and fraudulent site detection

101+ of Fortune 500

companies used CheckPhish to detect zero-day phishing in real-time

1000+ Brands

monitored daily to detect phishing and fraudulent sites targeting their brand


Phishing kits analyzed

Deep Learning Powered Real-time Phishing and Fraudulent Website Detection

CheckPhish uses combination of deep learning, computer vision and NLP, to mimic how a person would look at, understand, and draw a verdict on a suspicious website. It learns from high quality proprietary datasets containing millions of image and text samples and performs detection with high accuracy.

High Precision

CheckPhish's machine learning technology is completely signature-less and automatically adapts to ever-changing fake and phishing sites. It does not rely on signatures and blacklists like other anti-phishing tools.

World-Class Support from Our Security Teams

When you need answers to queries on specific phishing cases, our experienced U.S. security protection specialists bring unparalleled support, so that you focus on your core business.

Highly scalable security solutions for phishing prevention

Whether your queries are in thousands or millions per day, we've got you covered with our real-time anti-phishing services.

Zero-Day Phishing Protection starts with our URL Detection

We provide zero-day detection on phishing and malicious counterfeit websites targeting your brand. We detect such websites in seconds, not days or weeks like other blacklist-based phishing protection software solutions