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Real-Time Anti-Phishing Services

Phishing protection by detection - when you need it most

Scan a URL to instantly detect phishing, counterfeit or malicious websites, and other suspicious threats.

600M+ URLs scanned

for possible phishing website attacks – with one in a hundred thousand false positives

101+ of Fortune 500

companies used CheckPhish for threat detection and protection against phishing attacks

1000+ Brands

monitored daily to give you a safer browsing and web experience and email security


Phishing kits analyzed

We help protect you and your clients from phishing attacks by detecting malicious sites. We take a proactive approach to protect you against phishing, fraud, counterfeiting, and other online scams. Our anti-phishing solution is real-time detection.

Phishing, fraud, and scam detection using artificial intelligence – scan your URLs for a real-time view and get real-time protection

Check Phish detects the following types of scams and phishing threats through image and text recognition and natural language processing – in real-time:

Zero-Day Phishing
Counterfeit Sites
Counterfeit Products
Tech Support Scams
Gift Card Scams
Survey Scams
Adult Sites
Obscene and Illegal Content

Drug Pharmacies
Illegal/Rogue Streaming
Hacked Websites
Crypto Giveaways
Crypto Scams

Phishing protection starts with detection – Sign up today

AI Powered Zero Day Phishing Detection

A phishing attack is an impersonation or forgery of an organization or website to gain private information and sensitive data. Sensitive data can include login credentials, usernames and passwords, financial information, or social security numbers, and other data that could result in the risk of identity theft and online fraud.

Phishing criminals are evolving and getting smarter – their phishing techniques and efforts are endless.

High Precision

CheckPhish's machine learning technology is completely signature-less and automatically adapts to ever-changing fake and phishing sites. It does not rely on signatures and blacklists like other anti-phishing tools.

World-Class Support from Our Security Teams

When you need answers to queries on specific phishing cases, our experienced U.S. security protection specialists bring unparalleled support, so that you focus on your core business.

Highly scalable security solutions for phishing prevention

Whether your queries are in thousands or millions per day, we've got you covered with our real-time anti-phishing services.

Zero-Day Phishing Protection starts with our URL Detection

We provide zero-day detection on phishing and malicious counterfeit websites targeting your brand. We detect such websites in seconds, not days or weeks like other blacklist-based phishing protection software solutions

When two-factor authentication is not enough, protect your brand from targeted phishing scams and reduce the threat of malicious phishing attacks with the CheckPhish URL scanner. Your anti-phishing solution.

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